Look after your body the right way

Spa centers and wellness institutes offer several sorts of body treatments. Discover the most treatments that allow you to relax and reveal your beauty. The way to choose the proper body treatment during a spa, what are the consequences and benefits? Explanations.

Body, beauty and well-being treatments within the spa

  • The centre's equipment like the hammam, hot tubs allow you to require care of your body, with the rituals related to it. Balneotherapy and chromotherapy also provide many benefits to the body and mind.
  • In addition to those wellness spa treatments, you'll enjoy a privileged session with a beautician to offer you a makeover:
  • Body wrap may be a technique that involves coating your body with a mix of products with different virtues (algae, mud, etc.), to deeply purify your skin.
  • The body scrub rids your skin of all its impurities and makes it incredibly soft.
  • The massage acts on your figure and on the sweetness of your skin. It are often practiced with essential oils.
  • Reflexology comes from Chinese medicine and allows you to rebalance your whole body, by manipulating strategic points on your feet or hands.
  • The wellness massage may be a real treatment of relaxation and relaxation, which allows a complete relaxation of the muscles.
  • Centers and institutes also can offer fish pedicure or fish bodycure sessions : you're immersed during a bath and surrounded by fish which rid your skin of its dead cells.
  • Other beauty treatments are often performed (henna tanning, oriental waxing, manicure, etc.) also as facials.
  • Choose your body care consistent with your goals. Slimming, well-being, firming of the skin, hydration?

Tips for an honest spa session: maximum duration and water temperature

To enjoy the advantages of a spa without taking any risks to your health, it's essential to regulate the temperature consistent with variety of criteria. Regardless of the season, it's advisable to stay the water at a minimum of around thirty degrees and to not exceed a maximum of 39.5 degrees. In winter, the temperature considered ideal is around 38 degrees.

Healthy advices

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