A jacuzzi for veranda

Have you always had outdoor jacuzzi whirlpool tubs? But since then you hesitate to realize it. There are two possible reasons. The first being the price of a jacuzzi. By doing a lot of research, like seeing specialized websites, you can discover cheap spas. The second reason that makes you hesitate is that you are too cautious and afraid of catching cold. If so, you have a solution. Install your jacuzzi on the veranda.

Why install a jacuzzi in the veranda

By choosing to install your spa on the veranda, you benefit from both the warmth of the house and the superb view of your garden. By placing the spa against the wall, you will feel more heat emanating from it. You can also enjoy the scenery or even the fresh air.

But in this case, if you are considering installation, you must adapt the shape and format of your spa according to the veranda. Squares or angles are most recommended for a small or medium surface.

The installation of the jacuzzi in a veranda

Having a jacuzzi in your veranda is a very attractive idea. Nevertheless, its realization remains a little difficult. It requires a lot of attention.

First, consider the weight of the jacuzzi. A jacuzzi filled with water weighs on average two tonnes. So your veranda must be strong enough to support this enormous weight. We must also think about the source of water supply. It has to be close to fill the pool easily. The same is true for evacuation. The veranda must be equipped with an evacuation system to be able to empty the jacuzzi if necessary. The ventilation system must also be taken into account. Water vapor from the jacuzzi can damage the glass walls that are in direct contact with the outside air. Finally, especially during winter, the veranda must be heated for the simple reason that if it is not hot enough you may have thermal shocks.

Here are the essentials, the rest is optional like the visual protections and the screen, elements to stay away from curious looks.

Healthy advices

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