Why invest in an outdoor spa?

Who doesn't dream of owning their own spa at home? Being able to bask in a good hot tub after a day's work is ideal for many of us. But then, when it comes time to take the plunge, hesitation is felt: rather an outdoor or indoor spa jacuzzi ? For us, the choice is made: outside!

Indeed, nothing better to embellish an afternoon or an evening than a good spa, and this summer as winter! Here we present the different advantages of setting up your little relaxation area in the open air!

Where to install an outdoor spa

First of all, and even if it seems obvious, you must have a garden, a courtyard or a terrace that is suitable for installing an outdoor spa.

If for whirlpool baths or for an indoor jacuzzi, the installation is very often done in the bathroom, outdoors the choice will be more complicated. You will have to find the perfect place in terms of sunshine, drafts, exposure, but especially the ground.

For this you will have to have your ground analyzed to verify that it is strong enough, otherwise you will have to pour a concrete slab to support the weight of your spa. Once the green light has been given you can go!

There are many models of outdoor spa: inflatable, buried, built-in, ... Depending on the space you have and the ground on which it will be installed, there will be a model in any case. adapted.

Easy installation

The first advantage is undoubtedly the ease of installation. Indeed, all spas can be suitable for outdoor use (removable, built-in, swim spa).

Plus, since it is in the open, you won't need to install a ventilation system! Save time and money for you! However, buried spas will require earthworks as well as the installation of a safety barrier. As for a swimming pool.

Finally, knowing that spas are generally less than 10m², it is not necessary to apply for a building permit at the town hall, making it even easier to purchase! We still recommend that you check the town's PLU, which could prohibit this type of installation.

An outdoor spa to your liking

Second advantage, you can choose any material. Wood, concrete, stone ... adapt it according to the decoration of your garden and the atmosphere you want to create there.

There is thus a spa for every garden! In addition, outdoor spas being the most common, the market offers a wider choice of models than indoor spas.

Healthy advices

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